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About Hair Loss

Hair loss is a nuisance, but not a problem, because now healthy hair has the name – “ Lanier ”!

Alla Placent FormulaThe ageless actress Sophia Loren once said, “Hair is the only decoration that accompanies us throughout the life.” Have you ever thought that if you have splendid hair you can do without furs and diamonds? And have you ever thought how to achieve the splendid effect if nature has not granted you with healthy hair? Today splendid healthy hair as for men so for women is not a dream anymore but a reality thanks to the natural product “ Lanier ” from DIA GULF LLC. It enormously helps people all over the world to get rid of different hair problems.

“Lanier Classic Formula” is a powerful no hormone containing bio stimulant comprising ferments of placenta which ensures development of embryos. This product is saturated with aloe barbadensis leaf extract, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and other useful ingredients for hair which are sustained in liquified form through the use of special technologies. “Lanier Classic Formula”, the unique produc, inherently bars hair loss and restores the process of new hair growth, helps in cases of partial boldness, eliminates dandruff and cause of its appearance, improves metabolism of the scalp, treats thin and fragile hair and makes healthy hair splendid.

“Lanier Classic Formula” has to be massaged into the scalp. Before use hair should be washed with one of Lanier shampoos. One course of treatment is 12 ampoules (1 pack). To get the steady result it is necessary to read attentively the instructions, use the product in accordance with it and receive the full course of treatment.

We draw your attention to the fact that “ Lanier Classic Formula ” is an excellent precautionary measure: if you regularly dye your hair, permanently suffer from stresses, leave in ecologically polluted area, or simply want to have staggeringly beautiful hair to be proud of, “ Lanier Classic Formula ” is really the precious boon for your hair!


  • UV rays of the sun
  • low quality water
  • city atmosphere impact
  • hats
  • hairstyles that pull on the hair
  • frequent use of dyes, perms
  • intensive combing or wet hair combing
  • improper hair care
  • heredity
  • illnesses of different pathology
  • lingering chronic diseases
  • fungus infection of the scalp
  • hormonal disorder
  • pregnancy
  • some medicines, antibiotics
  • stresses, psycho-emotional tension
  • vitamin and/or microelement deficiency
  • iron deficiency
  • work with chemicals




  • 95% of the scalp is covered with hair.
  • Moisture makes up 3% of hair and 97% of it make up proteins.
  • The average human scalp has about 100,000 hair follicles and about 20-30 hairs grow out of each of them.
  • Hair grows faster in warm weather than in cold.
  • Hair grows at an average rate of 35 mm per day and 1 cm per month.
  • About 90% of a person’s scalp hair is in a continual growth phase that lasts 2-6 years.
  • 10% of scalp hair is in a resting phase that lasts 2-3 months.
  • Between 40 and 60 hairs are regularly lost from the scalp every day.
  • Blonds have about 140,000 hairs, brown-haired persons - 109,000 hairs, dark-haired persons - 102,000 hairs and red-haired persons - 88,000 hairs.
  • The best water temperature for hair washing is 35-45˚C.
  • Medical statistics state that 84% of women who suffer from stresses and 23% of those who have depressions go to hairdressing salons to comfort themselves.
  • If you want to know whether your hair is healthy or not, first of all look at it. UNhealthy hair is dull and brittle. Secondly, pull your hair lightly. If 7-10 hairs are left in your hand, it’s time to start the fight for your hair. But don’t be afraid - all you need is Lanier which will help you in this fight.
  • An average rate of men who suffer from hair loss is 60-70% all over the world and that of women is 25-40%.
  • Men suffer from hair loss 8 times more frequently than women.

Lanier Classic Formula

AllaLanier Cosmetics has developed medicinal and preventive product Lanier Classic Formula based on the science on the hair growth, that does not contain hormones, has local effect and enriched with the placenta extract, proteins and amino-acids. This bio-stimulator stops the hair fall and provides good results with partial alopecia. When locally applied the placenta stimulates and enhance the tissues breathing.

After the placenta extract has been applied, the immediate boost of the scalp metabolism is observed which lasts for a long time. Biochemical analysis shows the intensive ferments activity which results in increase of the oxygen intake by 50%. The hair roots have better blood supply thus providing the additional nourishment for the hair. Keratin (fibrous non-soluble protein that is the main component of the hair) matures and forms sulphides among various sulphuric amino-acids. Thus appears typical and compact protein structure, comprising the hair frame. The hair becomes strong and shiny, without any traces of damage and faults, independently on the facts whether those have been consequences of the wrong body hygiene or whether they have been provoked by the internal reasons (splitting, thin and weak hair, etc.)

To realize the advantages of the placenta and therefore the Lanier Classic Formula product it is vital to analyze and evaluate the composition of the substance used by us, comprising the separate placenta ferments after freezing and drying. The product includes proteins, ferments, vitamins, amino-acids, nucleotides and mucopolysaccharides. Their efficiency has been proven by multiple dermatologic and cosmetic studies.

Those substances effect is particularly impressive in the spots where the tissues functions are disturbed, for example, due to the insufficient meals, hormonal system troubles, etc. They have homotherapeutic effect and correct the phenomena influencing the hair structure and functions. The mechanism of their influence has the certain physiologic nature, i.e. the product has a preventive effect for the healthy skin and healthy hair against possible negative external influences (climate, excessive use of hygienic and cosmetic products, stress, physical stress). Roots area is in particular effected by placenta normalizing the blood flow, nourishing and providing oxygen to the follicles cells that are responsible for the exchange of nourishing agents and functions of the hair fibres.

From the point of view of the hair growth stimulating, the crucial is the exposure of the placenta extract on the sebaceous glands. Thanks to this exposure the gland that in the follicle produces that much scalp sebum as required for the hair to be shiny and supple without extra sebum interfering with the hair beauty, preventing the hair bulb breathing and leading to the weakening of the hair and its fall. This positive effect results from the impeccable hair structure and in its turn and leads to the directional effect of Lanier Classic Formula against the phenomena related to the lack of the hair nourishment from seborrhea to alopecia, from dandruff to lack of keratin.

With the hair loss not yet damaged hair bulbs are activated by using the product for the new hair growth. The hair structure is improved in all areas and problematic zones.