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Q: What can I do if I suffer from hair loss? Is it possible to restore my hair?

A: There is nothing impossible in this case. First of all, you’ve got to define the reason of hair loss, what could possibly cause it. There are many factors that can adversely affect our hair: UV rays, low quality water, even your love of wearing hats can cause hair loss. If so, we offer you an exceptional remedy which will make you forget about these problems forever! Besides, your hair will become thicker! Lanier is the best known remedy for hair loss and stimulator of hair growth. 
With Lanier the scalp breathes better, hair receives full nourishment and you receive new and healthy hair. Even if hair loss is caused by some illness Lanier can become a helpful assistant of medicine and a real support to your hair.

Q: What is the recommended course of treatment with Lanier?

A: The course of treatment is highly individual, it depends on how neglected the case is and on the cause of hair loss. We recommend using not less than 12 ampoules of Lanier (a box). If you see new hairs started to appear but you are not completely satisfied with the results you may need one more box of Lanier. If not, the reason is not in the hair, it’s inside your body. In any case while using Lanier you’ve got to treat that organ, to cure yourself of that illness which caused hair loss. After the complete course of treatment (12 ampoules) you may use several ampoules every 2-3 months for preventive treatment.

Q: How soon can I see the results of treatment with Lanier?

A: You can notice the stop of hair loss after the use of 4-5 ampoules (average rate) but the growth of new hairs doesn’t occur that quickly. You’ve got to wait 2-3 months to see new hairs growing on your head. For maximum effect use several ampoules every 2-3 months.

Q: What should I do if I see the result only while using Lanier but when I stop using it the hairs start to fall out again?

A: The reason of hair loss in this case might be in some illness and not in the hair itself. In this case we recommend consulting with your doctor and examining the whole body.

Q: Will Lanier just stop hair loss or will it help the new hairs to grow?

A: Lanier not only stops hair loss but also stimulates hair growth. Those hair bulbs which were not active before the use of Lanier will become active and produce new hairs. Besides, the hairs will be strong and healthy. If you eliminate the cause of hair loss and treat your hair with the help of Lanier (usually 1 course (12 ampoules) is enough), you won’t have problems with your hair. Of course, we can have stresses or worries (and that badly affects hair) in our everyday life that’s why we recommend to use 1-2 ampoules of Lanier every 2 months.

Q: When is it better to use Lanier if I go in for sports, what time of day?

A: Use Lanier after the exercises, time of day doesn’t matter.

Q: Why is there no result after one course treatment with Lanier?

A: You should consult with your dermatologist, first of all. But, perhaps, the reason of hair loss is not in the hair, some illness can cause it.

Q: Why is it necessary to use the whole ampoule at once?

A: You should use the whole ampoule at once because if you don’t, it will lose all its properties in 30 minutes after you open it.

Q: May I use a hair balsam or conditioner before applying Lanier and styling products after it?

A: It’s not desirable. It’s very important to wash your hair with our shampoo “Lanier Shampoo” because it is neutral and cleanses softly. It doesn’t coat the hair and therefore doesn’t prevent Lanier from penetrating deep into the hair root. We strongly recommend using Formula Safe after Lanier. It will be an excellent substitute for all hair styling products though you may use other styling products after applying Lanier if you wish.

Q: I’m on a radiotherapy course and my hair has become sparse and dull. Can I hope that Lanier will help me?

A: Our practice confirms that Lanier helps the hair grow faster and the hair restores completely with time in case of radiotherapy treatment. We recommend using 12 ampoules (2-3 ampoules per week) before the radiotherapy course and after it.

Q: Is it possible to restore hair growth if I started to lose my hair 5 years ago and the diagnosis is alopecia areata? And what course of treatment do I need?

A: We can’t say for sure whether the hair will start to grow again because 5 years is a long term. You’ve got to consult with a dermatologist. He’ll examine your scalp and say whether the scalp pores are closed or not. If not, you’ve got chances! It’s hard to determine the duration of treatment. You’ve got to use Lanier until the affected area is covered with hair and you’re satisfied with the results.

Q: Does Lanier help on the early stage of alopecia caused by heredity?

A: If you have alopecia caused by heredity, Placen Formula can hamper the development of this process. The earlier you start to use Lanier, the more hair you’ll preserve. But one box (12 ampoules) of Lanier won’t be enough in this case. Everything depends on the hair loss intensity. You need to consult with a dermatologist. Make a plan of treatment with Lanier together with him.

Q: After the use of the 10th ampoule I can scarcely see the result. New hairs started to grow but not enough. Should I continue the treatment with Lanier?

A: You must continue the treatment; though the result is scarce there is some result, the hairs started to grow, didn’t they? That means the hair bulbs have become active and due to it new hairs have appeared. In your case one course isn’t enough; you need one more course (another 12 ampoules).

Q: I not only have the problem of hair loss, but my hair has also become thin and dull. Is there a remedy for it?

A: Of course, there is. To cure your hair you need a complex treatment which Lanier can ensure. At first, wash your hair with one of our shampoos and then apply Placen Formula, after that Formula Silk and at last Formula Safe. Your hair will receive full nourishment and care and you’ll receive amazingly beautiful hair!

Q: How can I cure split ends?

A: Today more and more people are facing this problem. If you have split ends you need more than just a shampoo to take care of your hair. The German preparation Formula Silk ensures excellent hair treatment. It restores the structure of your hair and cures split ends. No more worries about the health of your hair - now you know the remedy for it.

Q: These days we often hear about adverse effects of the environment. How can I protect my hair from them?

A: That’s true; sun rays, salt water or low quality water as well as polluted atmosphere cause hair problems. We buy diverse creams to protect our skin but what can protect our hair? Formula Safe will do that for you! It coats each hair thus protecting it from UV rays of the sun, low quality water, etc. If you use Formula Safe you needn’t bother about any adverse effects of the environment.

Q: What kind of shampoo do I need?

A: It depends on your hair type. We offer shampoos for all hair types. Our shampoos are known under the general name of “Lanier Shampoo”, choose your “spring flower” for your hair type: Volume Shampoo for fine, brittle and sparse hair, Herbal Shampoo for greasy hair, Color Repair Shampoo for color treated hair, Wellness Shampoo for sensitive scalp and daily use, Energy Shampoo for weak, and dull hair.

Q: How can I make my hair shiny, soft and easy to comb and give it volume?

A: We advise you to wash your hair with the Balsam Coconut Formula after shampooing the hair. The balsam nourishes and strengthens the hair, gives it volume and shine and makes the hair easy to comb. But we do not recommend using the balsam together with Lanier because it will prevent the substance from penetrating deep into the hair. You may use Formula Safe which is applied after Lanier instead. Only when your hair is healthy again, you may use the balsam which will give your hair an excellent scent.

Q: How can I make my hair light, fluffy and luxuriant?

A: It’s a general problem but Conditioner Aerobica will easily solve it. The secret of the conditioner is in its structure. It is a two-phase conditioner which acts immediately. Special agents fill the damaged parts of hair restoring its structure and giving it at the same time additional volume and shine. It’s designed so as not to weigh down your hair. The lightness and luxury of your hair will astonish you! You’ll never wish any other product to take care of your hair! We also strongly recommend using it before blow-drying.