Lanier Classic


Choose shampoo for your type of hair



Use one ampoule per procedure.

  1. wash the hair with one of "Lanier" shampoo ( choose from 5 offered kinds of "Lanier" shampoos the one more suitable for your hair type)
  2. dry your hair lightly with a towel
  3. massage gently your scalp during 2-3 minutes with help of your finger tips (to prepare the skin for solution)
  4. with help of towel or tissue-paper brake off the ampoule head and put the pipette (from the box) above it
  5. make a parting on your scalp, apply "Lanier Classic" by drops along it and massage gently into the scalp
  6. repeat the procedure all over your head ( mostly on the front side and problem areas)
  7. after applying "Lanier Classic" continue to massage your scalp for a few minutes more
  8. style hair as usual.

Tonic hair and scalp lotion

Classic formula: It is a powerful bio stimulant comprising proteins, vitamins and ferments of “placenta” which ensure development of embryos. This combination of ingredients provides root follicles stimulation and renewal.

Lanier Classic is currently the most advanced bio-technological product with very high metabolic activity. This non-hormonal bio-activator contains large quantities of natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, various types of amino acids and growth factor, which is essential for growing strong, healthy hair.

This product does not contain any hormones, alcohol and oils. It is used by men, women, childrens and unlike many other hair loss products, has no side effects. Does not leave an oily residue.

Lanier Classic:
∙ stops hair loss
∙ prevents hair loss
∙ restores the process of new hair growth
∙ helps in cases of partial boldness
∙ treats thin and fragile hair
∙ makes healthy hair splendid
∙ eliminates dandruff and causes of its appearance

When applied topically Lanier Classic provides concentrated delivery of the active nutrients directly to the hair follicle where the process of enormous revitalization through activation and regeneration of hair follicle cells starts. Lanier Classic also contains natural vasodilators (promote blood flow by widening blood vessels) such as benzyl nicotinate and capsicum frutescens, which helps increase nutrients and oxygen supply to the hair follicles by 50%. The result is an effective treatment which greatly improves cellular respiration, reactivates metabolism and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair bulb nourishment and new healthy hair growth.

The course of treatment consists of 12 ampoules(1 box).

Use only with Lanier Line Shampoos.
If you suffer from alopecia or very strong hair loss for best results - use 3 ampoules per week during the first two weeks and after that - 2 ampoules per week. If you suffer from just hair loss - use 2 ampoules per week (1 ampoule every 3 days).

Lanier Classic” is a powerful bio stimulant which improves all scalp metabolism processes and blood circulation. So, if during or after application your scalp becomes red or you fill hot – do not worry, it is a normal reaction.
Do not wash off! Avoid contact with face and body! In case of contact – wash off with cold water!

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