Herbal Cocktail Shampoo



Every person has a different hair type and each hair type needs special care, special shampoo. If you have greasy hair or if it’s greasy only at the roots, if you have a sensitive scalp or if you like to wash your hair every day, if your hair is fine, dull or color treated we have shampoos for each hair type.

Shampoo has been created specifically for greasy hair. Its unique formula is enriched with several natural extracts: Calendula flower to sooth your hair, Burdock root to purify it and Nettle to nourish it. The combination of Guaiazulene and Alcloxa extracts bring in soothing, healing and antibacterial treatment for your hair.

Application: Apply to wet hair, massage gently, leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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